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Californians Aren't Wild About Schwarzenegger or His 'Reforms'

George Skelton reviews the governor's failing performance, including his photo ops, TV ads, talk radio appearances - and his record fundraising.

May 26 2005, LA Times

Touting Initiatives, Eschewing Principles

Michael Hiltzik concludes Schwarzenegger's cross-country dash for cash once again shows how thoroughly he can corrupt the state's initiative process. Chicago real estate men, Texas oilmen and Florida time-share kings all ponied up, although they swore it was only to prove their devotion to his vision of political reform for California.

May 26 2005, LA Times

The governor's reform agenda: Is it class warfare?

As the charges fly between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the education lobby about who's the bigger liar on school funding levels, the real agenda sits buried just underground. It's a land mine waiting to go off.

May 25, 2005 Sacramento Bee

Pension Pilfering Has Begun

Earlier this month, a court ruling allowed United Airlines to walk away from all four of its major pension plans. The Pensions Benefit Guaranty Corp., a government agency that guarantees worker pensions at cents on the dollar, assumed liability. Other airlines are lining up to do the same. Will your pension plan be next?

Governor Resisting Leap From Celebrity to Political Figure

George Skelton calls out Gov. Schwarzenegger, "Mr. Celebrity still is resisting the transformation into political leader, and that's at the heart of his plunging popularity."

May 5, 2005 Capitol Journal

Gov. Hands In First Petitions as Labor Protests

With labor hooting in the background, Gov. Schwarzenegger submitted signatures to the Sacramento County registrar for an initiative that makes it harder for teachers to get tenure.

5/5/05 Sacramento Bee

Schwarzenegger Seeks to Recast Reform Effort With New Ad Campaign

Amid sagging poll numbers and relentless criticism from Democrat-leaning interest groups, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sought to reclaim the high ground with a television ad campaign aimed at restoring public confidence in the governor and his reform proposals.

5/4/05 Sacramento Bee

Ballot measure signatures set for submission

A campaign committee that is trying to stop public employee unions from spending their members' dues on politics is expected to turn in petitions today to qualify a measure for the ballot.

5/3/05 Sacramento Bee

Schwarzenegger's Star Dipping as Californians Feel Its Singe

Mr. Schwarzenegger's prediction about his detractors has come true in every respect, but so has something that he did not foresee four months ago: the larger-than-life governor has been brought down to size. His popularity has plummeted, and he has retreated on some proposals, like the ones on public employees' pensions and redistricting.

Now his Democratic opponents "see blood in the water," as one Democrat characterized the situation, and they are taking on Mr. Schwarzenegger with new determination.

5/2/05 NY Times

Time to shift gears and make friends

Brief: It's time for the governor and his advisers to regroup, curtail his campaigning outside the Capitol and get back to work inside it with the Legislature.

4/29/05 San Jose Mercury News Editorial

Ballot Measure Aimed at Union Cash

As Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's special election agenda to reshape California appears to be losing ground, attention is shifting to a ballot measure aimed at Democrats that would limit the use of union dues in political campaigns.

4/29/05 Sacramento Union

DAN WALTERS: Schwarzenegger's recent vulnerability alarms GOP backers

(SH) - The juxtaposition of two events - Arnold Schwarzenegger's retreat on pension reform and his wife's televised declarations that his family wants him back home - have touched off a feeding frenzy of media speculation that he might be on his way down and out of politics.

April 26, 2005 The Sacramento Bee

Action-Hero Governor in Retreat Lately

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Year of Reform" is fast becoming a year of retreat.

4/26/05 Christian Science Monitor

He's a Lot Weaker Than He Looks

In recent weeks the signs have mounted that we are witnessing the twilight of the Schwarzenegger administration.

4/25/05 LA Times

They've All Stepped on Schwarzenegger's Line

In the weeks after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled his sweeping plan to transform California, he complained repeatedly that lawmakers were just "hanging" and refusing to negotiate.

4/25/05 LA Times

Governor collects millions for election

Both parties prepare for a costly battle, even though November vote isn't certain.

4/22/05 SF Chronicle

Governor's in political trouble but don't write him off

THE herd has turned on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reporters who just a month or so ago were writing sycophantic so-called analyses labeling as "reforms' the measures he was hustling toward a November special election now have reversed themselves.

4/19/05 Whittier Daily News

Schwarzenegger Initiatives Find Difficulty Meeting Deadline

Tuesday was the deadline set by the secretary of state for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign team to hand in signatures for three initiatives that could be on a special ballot in November.

4/19/05 KCRA

Rallies Accuse Governor of Breaking Promise

Hundreds of protesters in two cities accused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of breaking a promise to protect injured workers when he pushed through sweeping changes in the workers’ compensation system a year ago.



Gov. Backs Down on Pension Overhaul

Thurs., Apr. 7, Gov. Schwarzenegger has temporarily backed off his plan to eliminate secure retirements for California's public employees.

Our Retirement: Secure or a Gamble?

A secure retirement is something for which we work all of our lives. Now, that security — and much more — are at stake if anti-worker politicians have their way this November.

Education Will Lose if Retirement Becomes the New Lottery

A successful educational system requires good teachers, adequate funding, and the respect and support of the public. The Schwarzenegger/Richman proposals threaten all three.

The Right's Attack on Public Pensions

CA Treasurer Phil Angelides warns the Gov.’s pension scheme is the first prong of a national attack on the pension funds that have stood up for corporate reform and the interests of ordinary families and investors hurt by the recent wave of corporate scandal.

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